Membership application


Because the application process is time consuming as we have to take a brief look at the background of each and every potential member, we urge you to read this page and make sure you meet the requirements before applying for membership.

You must have read the "Frequently Asked Questions" on the main page and agreed with it's content as well as with those of the End User License Agreements that Bohemia Interactive provides with their games, tools and samples.

Who can join AMAR?

To join there are only four requirements:
  • You have to be supportive of authors' rights;
  • Age is not a limiting factor, the ability to behave in a mature way towards members of the group and everyone else regardless of their actions is of course expected;
  • You have released an addon or have published a serious work in progress thread at the BIS forums;
  • The ownership rights of the content you have released/published are not disputed and no IP rights conflict that you have ever been involved in has been left unresolved.

Tell us about yourself!

In order to know if you are admissible to join AMAR, we would like you to submit to us the following:
  • Your current nickname;
  • If applicable: Other nicknames used since you started making content
  • A list of the content you have worked on
  • The status of these projects (released, in progress, abandoned, etc)
  • Links to examples of work with a description of what (parts) you did yourself;
  • If applicable: associates like people you have worked with, teams you have been in, etc if any
  • Briefly explain why you want to join

How do I send in my application?

Once you have prepared the information that we need, you have to send a private message to JdB on the Bohemia Interactive Forums in order to submit your details and we will respond as quickly as possible (usually within a few days):

We don't require your entire life's story, only a brief history of your activity as an addonmaker is needed so we can get to know you.

Even if you do not meet the requirements to join the group we do still very much appreciate your support for author's rights!